A service to manage plugins in the Wazo platform.

wazo-plugind allow the administrator to manage plugins installed on a Wazo platform using a simple HTTP interface.

It can:

  • list available plugins
  • install plugins
  • uninstall plugins
  • list installed plugins
  • update plugins



API documentation

The REST API for wazo-plugind is available here.

The bus events are defined here.

What is a plugin

A plugin is a set of additions made to a custom Wazo platform installation to add a new functionality.

What can be done with a plugin

Wazo plugins allow a third party to add almost anything to Wazo. Most of our services have extension points that can be used together to create a complete feature as a plugin.

  • Add configuration files to wazo services in /etc/*/conf.d/

  • Add configuration files and dialplan files to Asterisk

  • Reload services to complete the installation

  • Extend wazo services using the available extension points

    • wazo-auth
    • wazo-calld
    • wazo-confd
    • wazo-dird
    • wazo-confgend

How it works

Given a plugin source wazo-plugind will generate a debian package using the information provided in the wazo directory.

The plugin.yml adds data that can be used to generate the debian packaging files. The rules file is used to add actions during the installation and uninstallation process.

The generated Debian packages have the following names wazo-plugind-<plugin name>-<plugin namespace>


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Community Supported

Wazo Platform is supported by its community. Use our various channels to reach out.


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