wazo-auth is the authentication server used by the Wazo platform.

wazo-auth is used to:

  • create and store tokens
  • validate tokens and permissions
  • create and manage users
  • create and manage user groups
  • create and manage policies (named group of permissions).
  • bootstrap third party authentication for Microsoft and Google
  • store tokens for Google and Microsoft


  • wazo-oauth2 is used to complete the OAuth 2.0 token creation process for third party authentications


API documentation

The REST API for wazo-auth is available here.

The bus events are defined here.

The database tables are defined here.


A policy is a list of access that is used to access Wazo resources. Policies can be created, deleted or modified using the REST API.


A token is used to identify and authorize all HTTP queries done on the wazo-platform. Each token has an expiration and can be revoked by the user.

The token should be added to each subsequent HTTP request using the 'X-Auth-Token' HTTP header.

Service Authentication

Wazo services expose more and more resources through REST API, but they also ensure that the access is restricted to the authorized programs.

Call flow

Here is the call flow to access a REST resource of a Wazo service:

  1. Create a username/password (also called service_id/service_key) with the right ACL.
  2. Create a token with these credentials.
  3. Use this token to access the REST resource requiring the ACL

add a schema here

  • Service: Service who needs to access a REST resource.
  • wazo-{daemon}: Server that exposes a REST resource. This resource must have a required ACL.
  • wazo-auth: Server that authenticates the Service and validates the required ACL with the token.

Wazo services directly use this system to communicate with each other, as you can see in their Web Services Access.

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