Wazo Platform 21.05 Released

20 April 2021

Hello Wazo Platform community!

Here is a short review of the Wazo Platform 21.05 release.

New features in this release

  • Voicemails: To make life easier, we added missing timezones for a few countries: Belgium, Italy, Canada, Germany, France, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Britain (United Kingdom), America, Spain and Switzerland. Note that the time format is by default set to 12-hour clock with AM/PM.

Technical features

  • Policies: We revamped the logic that creates default authentication policies

Ongoing features

  • Call recording: We are working to improve the Wazo Platform API to easily get call recordings.

For more details about the aforementioned topics, please see the roadmap linked below.

See you at the next sprint review!




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