Wazo Platform 20.01 Released

14 January 2020

Hello Wazo Platform community!

Here is a short review of the Wazo Platform 20.01 release.

New features in this sprint

  • Switchboard: We have worked on improving the switchboard reactivity. In this version, the time to answer a call has been reduced by half. These changes may also impact positively the response time of other actions made on the calls in a switchboard.
  • Monitoring: We have added a new HTTP resource to retrieve the current status of user telephony lines in wazo-calld REST API. This allows an external application to know which phones are busy, available or disconnected. This feature is currently very similar to the wazo-chatd presence features, but it will be improved with more details irrelevant to wazo-chatd, like the round-trip time to a phone.
  • Users: We have improved the users REST API to add information related to user interception. When getting a user's details, you may now get the list of people that this user is allowed to intercept.
  • Class 4: We are releasing a first version of the SBC and call routing features of Wazo Platform, featuring Kamailio. Here are the links to the installation documentation and REST API documentation.


  • Hardware: While not directly related to this version, we're excited to share with you the announcement of a distribution for Wazo Platform on Raspberry Pi, named Sparrow. You can find the announcement on our forums.

Technical features

  • Asterisk: Asterisk was updated from 16.6.2 to 16.7.0, including 2 security fixes.
  • Orchestration: wazo-calld can now run independently from Asterisk. Of course it can not do much without it, since the main purpose of wazo-calld is to manage calls that are placed through Asterisk. This makes Wazo Platform easier to setup in a orchestrated environment such as containers.

Ongoing features

  • Reliability: We are working on improving the stability of Wazo Platform in different scenarios: high number of users, REST API calls and events, temporary loss of one of Wazo services...
  • Class 4: added new blocks in Wazo Platform to handle more calls and improve security. Kamailio is the core of those new features and will serve as a Session Border Controller (SBC) and SIP router to multiple Asterisk instances

For more details about the aforementioned topics, please see the roadmap linked below.

See you at the next release!