Sprint Review 18.02

12 February 2018

New features in this sprint

REST API: We added new REST APIs to manage call filters (i.e. boss-secretary filters). Those APIs will allow us to manage call filters from the new admin-ui web interface.

CDR: The CDR REST API has been improved: for a given call, we have the two following information: 1. what extension has been dialed and 2. what extension or user has answered the call.

Admin-UI web interface: A lot of management plugins have been improved. Also, plugins for managing sound files, SIP trunks, IAX trunks and SIP, SCCP and custom lines have been added.

Ongoing features

User and Tenant Management: We are currently reworking the user and entities (a.k.a tenant) configuration. This should make installations with multiple entities feel more natural in future versions.

REST API: We are working towards replacing the old orange admin web interface with the more modern and easier to maintain blue web interface (wazo-admin-ui on /admin). Since wazo-admin-ui is only using REST API under the hood, we need REST API to cover all cases of administration of Wazo. Hence we are completing the set of REST APIs offered by Wazo. You can find the complete API documentation on https://wazo-platform.org/documentation.

The instructions for installing Wazo are available in the documentation. The instructions for upgrading Wazo as also available in the documentation. Be sure to read the breaking changes.

For more details about the aforementioned topics, please see the roadmap linked below.

See you at the next sprint review!


Community Supported

Wazo Platform is supported by its community. Use our various channels to reach out.


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