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CSV User Import

Users and common related resources can be imported onto a Wazo server by sending a CSV file with a predefined set of fields.

This page only documents additional notes useful for API users. Consult the API documentation for more details.

Uploading files

Files may be uploaded as usual through the web interface, or from a console by using HTTP utilities and the REST API. When uploading through the API, the header [Content-Type: text/csv charset=utf-8]{.title-ref} must be set and the CSV data must be sent in the body of the request. A file may be uploaded using [curl]{.title-ref} as follows:

curl -k -H "Content-Type: text/csv; charset=utf-8" -u username:password --data-binary "@file.csv" https://wazo/api/confd/1.1/users/import

The response can be reindented in a more readable format by piping the output through [python -m json.tool]{.title-ref} in the following way:

curl (...) | python -m json.tool