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Function keys

Function keys can be configured to customize the user's phone keys. The blf field allows the key to be supervised. A supervised key will light up when enabled. In most cases, a user cannot add multiple times exactly the same function key (example : two user function keys pointing to the same user). Adding the same function key multiple times can lead to undefined behavior and generally will delete one of the two function keys.

Warning: SCCP device only supports type "Customized".

If the forward function key is used with no destination the user will be prompted when the user presses the function key and the BLF will monitor ALL forward for this user.


*3 (online call recording)

To enable online call recording, you must set automixmon:

PUT /asterisk/features/featuremap {"options": {"automixmon": "*3", ...}}

When this option is activated, the user can press *3 during a conversation to start/stop online call recording. The recorded file will be available in the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor directory.

*26 (call recording)

You can enable/disable the recording of all calls for a user in 2 different way:

  1. By set call_record_*_enabled: true for user:

    PUT /users/{user_uuid}
        "call_record_outgoing_internal_enabled": true,
        "call_record_outgoing_external_enabled": true,
        "call_record_incoming_internal_enabled": true,
        "call_record_incoming_external_enabled": true
  2. By using the extension *26 from your phone (the feature callrecord option must be enabled):

    PUT /extensions/features/{extension_id}

    Note: Using *26 will toggle the four call_record_*_enabled options simultaneously

When this option is activated, all calls made to or made by the user will be recorded in the /var/lib/wazo/sounds/tenants/<tenant_uuid>/monitor directory.