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Remote directory

If you have a phone provisioned with Wazo and its one of the supported ones, you'll be able to search in your Wazo directory and place call directly from your phone.

See the list of supported devices to know if a model supports the Wazo directory or not.


For the remote directory to work on your phones, the first thing to do is to create a custom wazo-phoned configuration file /etc/wazo-phoned/conf.d/custom.yml{.interpreted-text role="file"}

You then have to add the range of IP addresses that will be allowed to access the directory. So if you know that your phone's IP addresses are all in the subnet, add:

  authorized_subnets: []

You must then restart wazo-phoned:

systemctl restart wazo-phoned

Once this is done, on your phone, just click on the "remote directory" function key and you'll be able to do a search in the Wazo directory from it.