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A Meeting allows users to get in conference with other people that are not using Wazo directly. In other words, users can create meetings and give a Web URL to anybody to join them in a Web conference.


To achieve this feature, there are some prerequisites:

  • Wazo Platform server 21.14 or above

  • A web application for Wazo users, e.g.

    • You must build your own application for this, wazo-webrtc-demo may be a good starting point.
  • A web application for external users, e.g.

    • Likewise, you must build your own application. The application can be the same as for Wazo users.
  • A HTTP Ingress configured on the server: that is the public address of the Wazo Platform server that will be given to external users to contact your server:

    Wazo-Tenant: 74f8a451-2b38-4b74-bdfe-8137688cc1e5
      "uri": ""

    Please note: this URI is the hostname of the Wazo Platform API server, which may be different than the user applications and

  • For video meetings, you need to enable video_mode=sfu in the global conferences bridge settings:

      "video_mode": "sfu",

Use case

User Alice wants to talk with her friend Ethan, who does not use Wazo Platform.

The sequence will look like:

Sequence Diagram

  1. Alice logs in at and creates a Meeting:

      "name": "Meeting with Ethan"
  2. Alice then gets the following information to share with Ethan:

    • The Meeting UUID
    • The Wazo Platform server public URI, taken from the configured HTTP Ingress.
    • SIP credentials to place a call on the Wazo Platform server
  3. Alice's application then encodes those information into a single Web URL, showing the resulting URL to Alice, starting with

  4. Alice then calls the Meeting to wait for Ethan, by calling the extension found in the response of the POST

  5. Alice may then share the Web URL with Ethan, so that Ethan can join Alice in the conference.

  6. Ethan opens the Web URL, opening the web application at The web application can then join the Meeting with WebRTC, by using the server public URI and SIP credentials and dialing the extension meeting-guest.

  7. Alice now sees Ethan in the conference and they can enjoy their time together.

  8. Once they are done, Alice can delete the Meeting:


Other scenarios

  • Any meeting is automatically deleted 48h after its creation. Any participant still present in the Meeting at this time will be hung up.
  • The meetings can be used by any SIP phone. However, the SIP device needs to be able to dial non-digit extensions like meeting-guest.


  • Meetings are limited to 100 participants at a time