A back-end is a connector to query a specific type of directory, e.g. one back-end to query LDAP servers, another back-end to query CSV files, etc.


A display is a lookup result formatting configuration. It defines the type, order, name and default values of each columns.


A favorite is a contact from any source that has been marked as favorite


A set of configuration that is used when a user does a lookup or a reverse lookup. The profile includes which sources are used when doing a lookup, a reverse lookup and a favorite lookup. It also defines which display is used when doing a lookup.


A source is an instance of a back-end. One backend may be used multiples times to query multiple directories of the same type. For example, I could have the customer-csv and the employee-csv sources, each using the CSV back-end, but reading a different file.


A plugin is an extension point in wazo-dird. It is a way to add or modify the functionality of wazo-dird. There are currently three types of plugins:

Back-ends to query different types of directories (LDAP, CSV, etc.) Views to expose directory results in different formats (JSON, XML, etc.)