Wazo Platform 22.05 Released

4 April 2022

Hello Wazo Platform community!

Here is a short review of the Wazo Platform 22.05 release.

New Features in This Release

  • Provisioning: A new plugin for Alcatel-Lucent M3, M5 and M7 has been added.
  • Meetings: Meeting owners can now allow or deny new participants to join the meeting.

Bug Fixes

  • Switchboards: Timeout fallback did not work when a group destination had its ring timeout set to null
  • Groups: Mobile group members will now receive call when they have a mobile refresh token

Technical Features

Ongoing Features

  • Meetings: Improve external conferences that allow guests to join a meeting

For more details about the aforementioned topics, please see the changelog.

See you at the next sprint review!




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