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11 January 2023

ChatGPT, chatgpt

Hey my new friend, please i need you for my creativity. If you don't know what ChatGPT is yet please look in your social networks, the internet, etc... Because this is the latest big trend for 2023. ChatGPT could be everywhere in everything, and this could probably be the tech world's next huge company. This chatbot has been built by OpenAI, which is a company currently developing AI technology. This tool is very powerful and interesting and could be used to build many new applications.

So, like many people I played with chatGPT and I ended up asking it to write a blog entry about Wazo and ChatGPT.

This is the result here:

wazo chagpt blog (small)

So finally I ended up asking ChatGPT if it could write the code to connect Wazo and ChatGPT. This was the result:

wazo chagpt code (small)

Well, I admit it is not as simple as that, so I decided to write a very short working demo.

import openai
import asyncio
import logging
import time

from wazo_auth_client import Client as Auth
from wazo_chatd_client import Client as Chatd
from wazo_websocketd_client import Client as Websocket
from wazo_websocketd_client.exceptions import AlreadyConnectedException

username = "" # check you have the right ACL to talk with chatd, auth, and websocketd
password = ""
host = "<your_wazo_server>"
client_id = 'wazo-chatgpt'
openai.api_key = "<your_openai_token>"

use_assistant_prompt = False

def ask_question_to_openai(prompt):
  completions = openai.Completion.create(

  message = completions.choices[0].text
  return message.lstrip('\n')

def session_expired(data):

def get_refresh_token():
    token_data = auth.token.new('wazo_user', access_type='offline', client_id=client_id)
    refresh_token = token_data['refresh_token']
    return token_data['refresh_token']

def get_token():
    token_data = auth.token.new('wazo_user', expiration=3600, refresh_token=refresh_token, client_id=client_id)
    return token_data['token']

def renew_token_running():
    token_data = auth.token.new('wazo_user', expiration=3600, refresh_token=refresh_token, client_id=client_id)
    token = token_data['token']

def renew_token_not_running():
    token_data = auth.token.new('wazo_user', expiration=3600, refresh_token=refresh_token, client_id=client_id)
    token = token_data['token']

async def callback(data):
    global use_assistant_prompt

    chatGpt = "Chat Gpt"
    ask_question = True
    response = None

    room_uuid = data['data']['room']['uuid']
    content = data['data']['content']
    alias = data['data']['alias']
    sender_user_uuid = data['data']['user_uuid']
    user_uuid = data['required_acl'].split('.')[3]

    if content.startswith("/assistant") and alias != chatGpt and sender_user_uuid == user_uuid and use_assistant_prompt == False:
        prompt = content.replace('/assistant ', '')
        if prompt == "start":
            use_assistant_prompt = True
            ask_question = False
            response = "Prompt /assistant has been activated!"
    elif content.startswith("/assistant") and alias != chatGpt and use_assistant_prompt == True:
        prompt = content.replace('/assistant ', '')
        if prompt == "stop" and sender_user_uuid == user_uuid:
            use_assistant_prompt = False
            ask_question = False
            response = "Prompt /assistant has been desactivated!"
    elif alias != chatGpt and use_assistant_prompt == False and sender_user_uuid != user_uuid and not content.startswith("/assistant"):
        prompt = content
        ask_question = False

    if ask_question == True:
        response = ask_question_to_openai(prompt)

    if response:
        chatd.rooms.create_message_from_user(room_uuid, {
            'alias': chatGpt,
            'content': response

    await asyncio.sleep(0.1)

async def main():
    ws.on('chatd_user_room_message_created', callback)
    ws.on('auth_session_expire_soon', session_expired)
    await ws.run()

auth = Auth(host, username=username, password=password, verify_certificate=False)
refresh_token = get_refresh_token()
chatd = Chatd(host, token=get_token(), verify_certificate=False)
ws = Websocket(host, token=get_token(), verify_certificate=False)



This code implemented two features:

  1. By default, everybody sending me a chat at Wazo will have a conversation with my bot instead of me, so you can talk with me all

the time and about everything now ;) 2. I just added a prompt /assistant to play with the bot and my participant. So if me or the participant start a sentence with /assistant do something,the bot will answer in place of the participant.

So I had fun with Gregory yesterday morning and finally the bot said we have a super great support team at Wazo and ChatGPT can't replace them ;),

wazo chagpt app (small)

Have fun, and happy new year 2023 to everybody. Sylvain

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