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Migrate Wazo from i386 (32 bits) to amd64 (64 bits)

There is no fully automated method to migrate Wazo from i386 to amd64.

The procedure is:

  1. Install a Wazo amd64 using the same version as the upgraded Wazo i386
  2. Make a backup of your Wazo i386 by following the backup procedure
  3. Copy the backup tarballs to the Wazo amd64
  4. Restore the backup by following the restore procedure

Before starting the services after restoring the backup on the Wazo amd64, you should ensure that there won't be a conflict between the two machines, e.g. two DHCP servers on the same broadcast domain, or both Wazo fighting over the same SIP trunk register. You can disable the Wazo i386 by running:

wazo-service stop

But be aware the Wazo i386 will be enabled again after you reboot it.