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CSV Migration

This page describes how to migrate CSV files from the legacy format to the new format. Consult the API documentation on user imports for further details.

CSV Data

  • Only data encoded as UTF-8 will be accepted
  • The pipe delimiter (|) has been replaced by a comma (,)
  • Double-quotes (") must be escaped by writing them twice (e.g Robert ""Bob"" Jenkins)

Field names

Fields have been renamed in the new CSV format. Use the following table to rename your fields. Fields marked as N/A are no longer supported.

Old name New name

entityid entity_id

firstname firstname

lastname lastname

language language

outcallerid outgoing_caller_id

mobilephonenumber mobile_phone_number

agentnumber N/A

bosssecretary N/A

callerid N/A

enablehint supervision_enabled

enablexfer call_transfer_enabled

enableclient cti_profile_enabled

profileclient cti_profile_name

username username

password password

phonenumber exten

context context

protocol line_protocol

linename sip_username

linesecret sip_secret

incallexten incall_exten

incallcontext incall_context

incallringseconds incall_ring_seconds

voicemailname voicemail_name

voicemailnumber voicemail_number

voicemailcontext voicemail_context

voicemailpassword voicemail_password

voicemailemail voicemail_email

voicemailattach voicemail_attach_audio

voicemaildelete voicemail_delete_messages

voicemailaskpassword voicemail_ask_password