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Directed Pickup

Directed pickup allows a user to intercept calls made to another user.

For example, if a user with number 1001 is ringing, you can dial *81001 from your phone and it will intercept (i.e. pickup) the call to this user.

This feature is disabled by default. The reason behind this choice is based on the fact that it is possible for any user to pickup any other user, including users for whom it should not be possible (e.g. directors). It can be enabled via the /extensions/features endpoint.

The extension prefix used for directed pickup can be changed via the /extensions/features endpoint.

Custom Line Limitation

There is a case where directed pickup does not work, which is the following:

Given you have a user U with a line of type "customized"
Given this custom line is using Custom technology
Given this user is a member of group G
When a call is made to group G
Then you won't be able to intercept the call made to U by pressing *8<line number of U>

If you find yourself in this situation, you'll need to write a bit of dialplan.

For example, if you have the following:

  • a user with a custom line with number 1001 in context default
  • a custom line with interface Custom/g1/5551234

Then add the following, or similar:

exten = line1001,1,NoOp()
same  = n,Set(__PICKUPMARK=1001%default)
same  = n,Dial(Custom/g1/5551234)
same  = n,Hangup()

And do a dialplan reload in the asterisk CLI.

Then, edit the line of the user and change the interface value to Local/line1001@custom_lines

Note: You'll need to update your dialplan if you update the number of the line or the context.