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Boss Secretary Filter

The boss secretary filter allow to set a secretary or a boss role to a user. Filters can then be created to filter calls directed to a boss using different strategies.

Quick Summary

In order to be able to use the boss secretary filter you have to :

  • Select a boss role for one the users
  • Select a secretary role for one to the users
  • Create a filter to set a strategy for this boss secretary filter
  • Add a function key for the user boss and the user secretary

Creating a Filter

The filter is used to associate a boss to one or many secretaries and to set a ring strategy.

  • Create with POST /callfilters

Different ringing strategies can be applied :

  • Boss rings first then all secretaries one by one
  • Boss rings first then secretaries are all ringing simultaneously
  • Secretaries ring one by one
  • Secretaries are all ringing simultaneously
  • Boss and secretaries are ringing simultaneously
  • Change the caller id if the secretary wants to know which boss was initially called

When one of serial strategies is used, the first secretary called is the last in the list. The order can be modified by drag and drop in the list.


The call filter function can be activated and deactivated by the boss or the secretary using the *37 extension. The extension is defined with /extensions/features endpoint.

The call filter has to be activated for each secretary if more than one is defined for a given boss.

The extension to use is *37<callfilter member id>.

Function Keys

A more convenient way to active the boss secretary filter is to assign a function key on the boss' phone or the secretary's phone. A function key can be added for each secretaries of a boss.

If supervision is activated, the key will light up when filter is activated for this secretary. If a secretary also has a function key on the same boss/secretary combination the function key's BLF will be in sync between each phones.

Warning: With SCCP phones, you must configure a custom type of function key.